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  • Allasio by Elica

    The slim Allasio with 4 ¾” height is ideal where under-cabinet space is limited, plus the contemporary styling and gleaming colors will compliment other appliances and most cabinetry. Allasio features a 3-speed, 300 CFM internal blower,which provides sufficient ventilating power for most... Read More
  • Asti by Elica

    Asti is designed for discreet mounting inside cabinetry. At 29 5/16” wide and only 11 5/16” deep, Asti fits perfectly into 12” deep cabinetry and is ideal for kitchens where space is limited, or where the range hood needs to be out of sight. Asti comes equipped with a powerful 555 CFM blower... Read More
  • Bellagio by Elica

    With a compact 4 3/4” height, Bellagio is an ideal choice where under-cabinet space is limited, an upgraded 4-speed, 430 CFM internal blower provides sufficient ventilating power for most kitchens. Bellagio also offers the luxury and convenience of halogen lighting with 2 light intensities,... Read More
  • Chrome by Elica

    Chrome, a magical merge of technology and form. A monolithic symbol captured in time, shimmering eternally, defined in evocative imagery and reflection. A daring exercise in design, where technology permits absolute silence and control is almost magically. The clarity of perfect reflection... Read More
  • Como by Elica

    Como combines arched glass wings and stainless steel to create a light and airy environment...the perfect centerpiece for any contemporary kitchen. This gently flowing design is powered by a 600 CFM blower that can handle the demands generated by today’s cooktops. The high-tech LCD panel... Read More
  • Grace By Elica

    An everyday, intimate form that hides the true identity of the object that it is: bright enough to illuminate the words of a book, but intimately linked to the vital breath of the air. Read More
  • Julietter By Elica

    Juliette is characterized by gentle oval curves, leading to a more leisurely pace and style. Beautifully cut designs and flowing ambient light bring to life the flowing scenery, vibrant scents and romantic interludes of the French countryside. A masterfully crafted symbol that embodies a taste... Read More
  • Ola by Elica

    As in a mobius strip, the on-lookers gaze is transfixed by the mystery of the infinite, which has no beginning and no end. Thought is suspended, the eye deceived, as it seeks in vain for something familiar – color, material, function…and finds nothing, except wonder. Read More
  • Siracusa by Elica

    Siracusa combines nearly invisible sleek flat glass and stainless steel to create a look that’s designed to compliment but not dominate... an excellent compliment to any contemporary kitchen. The sharply angled design is powered by a 600 CFM blower that can handle the demands generated by... Read More
  • Space by Elica

    The circle: symbol of the absolute and the alchemist. A movement that leaves and returns to the origin of everything,depicting, in reality, the shape of time itself. Space enters our everyday architecture and brings a fragment of the infinite into the world of the useful and necessary. Read More
  • Star

    “...I saw a small and shifting sphere, its radiance almost sublime. At first I thought it was rolling; but then I realized that this movement was an illusion produced by the dizzying sights that it enclosed” Borges: The Aleph. Fragments of dreams - or reality? - that are found in the everyday... Read More
  • Victoria By Elica

    Victoria, with the timeless elegance of a monarchy, shimmering grace and sparkling gems draw the eye and almost demand a hypnotic attention. A marriage of two kinds of light and reflection create a royal bond and form a stately centerpiece for on-lookers to admire and enjoy. Read More
  • Wave by Elica

    Wave in the Finnish language is Aalto: recalling nature and the far north, with its unmistakable world of beautiful and useful objects, and recalling, as well, one of that world’s foremost interpreters. Wave is not only about function: it is light in movement, air that assumes color, a gift that... Read More

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