Products in the Kitchen & Bath Business Online Buyer's Guide

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  • ZeroDrain Pop-Down Sink Drain By California Faucets

    The award-winning, patented ZeroDrain is the revolutionary new drain from California Faucets. In the open position, the stopper is level with sink, resulting in a superior “zero clearance” design. ZeroDrain is easier to install and service compared to standard pop-up sink drains which saves... Read More
  • ZR3218 By Nantucket Sinks

    An exclusive handcrafted sink designed to make the most use of the space underneath the sink. The drain is offset and centered allowing the drain connection under the sink to be on one side of the sink base. No more drain pipes or garbage disposals taking all your space up under the sink.... Read More
  • Z-Series By Bates and Bates

    The most unique decorative metal material in the kitchen and bath industry. Z Series bowls have 70% metals, 30% polymers and binders. This combination makes Z Series basins hard, durable and maintainable. Z Series finishes are real metal “living finishes” and will develop a natural patina. What... Read More