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424 Gypsy Lane
Gulph Mills, PA 19406

About Rosalie Sherman Designs

If you are looking for something a bit different in cabinet hardware, hooks, door knockers or doorbell covers, check out Rosalie Sherman Designs.

We invite you to browse through our collections of sculptural hardware.

All of our products are designed by Rosalie Sherman, a sculptor who after years of making public art turned to making bronze and pewter hardware for the home. Every piece is a small sculpture as well as a functional item of hardware.

We have been in business since 2000 and our work is 100% American made. It pleases us to know our curious characters are opening cabinets and holding brooms around the world.

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Products by Rosalie Sherman Designs

By Rosalie Sherman Designs

Our door knockers are cast in silicone bronze and swivel on brass rivets. All knockers come with brass screws for easy installation. Pictured is Eudora Elephant with Hunter knocking plate. Read more »

By Rosalie Sherman Designs

We make a variety of doorbell covers. All of our covers are cast in silicone bronze and come with brass screws for easy mounting. We include a wired doorbell button with each doorbell cover. Pictured is Fiona Frog doorbell cover. Read more »

By Rosalie Sherman Designs

Our bronze hooks come with the necessary screws for easy mounting on a wall or door. The picture shown is of Olga Octopus, a versatile double hook. Read more »

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