White Papers for Kitchen and Bath Design Distributors and Suppliers

  • See you at KBIS 2024!

    We are looking forward to KBIS 2024! Please stop by Booth N1362 and see our beautiful wine storage for yourself!
  • Framed Capital Impression Collection

    The Framed Capital Impressions Collection was specially curated for island and vanity applications. This collection offers two highly sought-after accent finishes and carries the same standard features of the Framed Capital Collection.
  • StoreEdits 2019 Report

    Skin Care, Make-Up & Cosmetics
  • MirroFlex anti-viral disinfectant test results

    A decorative laminate from ATI was tested for compatibility with Oxivir 1, Oxivir Five 16, Oxivir TB, Avert, Virex Plus, and Virex TB. Wipe testing was performed on with Oxivir 1, Oxivir TB, and Avert while soak tests were performed on solutions of Oxivir Five 16, Virex Plus, and Virex TB....
  • How to Troubleshoot a Kitchen Faucet

    The kitchen faucet is the most frequently used faucet in the home. For this same reason, it's also the faucet that will give homeowners the most problems. With this in mind, we will address some of the most common leaky kitchen faucet issues that naturally come with its use. The most common...
  • SpaTFX 50W Waterproof Audio Transducer

    SpaTFX Designed for great audio performance in all tub installs.
  • LED Lights the Way for Design

    Is the light too bright? Do you feel its heat? Are the light fixtures so large they defeat the overall design of the space? Not likely if LED lights are installed in place of traditional light sources. LED, the latest technology in energy efficient lighting stands for Light Emitting Diode – a...
  • Kitchen and Bath Industry Purchasing Trends in 2017

    Federal Brace recently tuned in for a webinar hosted by Sola Group, publisher of Kitchen and Bath Design News, Residential Design and Qualified Remodeler, in conjunction with Houzz, to discuss the overwhelming trends of 2017 within the kitchen and bath industry.
  • The Importance of Sanitizing Your Whirlpool Soaking Tub and Custom Spa

    Whirlpools, aka "jacuzzi tubs", were all the rage in the 90s, and having the name brand tub was thought of a somewhat luxury item. As time went on, the popularity grew and word starting getting out that tub owners were experiencing a foul smelling brown substance coming from their jets in their...
  • How to Adjust Overlay Doors and Drawers

    You may need to adjust your doors and drawers seasonally as temperatures change. Overlay cabinetry adjustment instructions are in this document. Inset cabinetry adjustment instructions are in their own document.
  • Custom Kitchen Design With Natural Stone

    With this story in pictures, you'll explore the process of creating elegantly carved stone products that bring the personal beauty and style of the homeowner to life in gorgeous travertine and marble limestone. See an impressive custom stone hood from inception to installation as it...
  • Safe Water Drinking Act Takes Effect

    Already in effect in California, Louisiana, Maryland, and Vermont, the new federally mandated Public Law 111-380, commonly referred to as the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act, goes into full effect across the United States on January 4, 2014.
  • Choosing the Right Size Chandelier

    Most people in the market for chandeliers have a specific location in mind for their special lighting. Dining rooms, music rooms, and two-story entryways are all standard locations for chandeliers. But a chandelier can bring opulence to most any room as long as it is sized right for its location.