About SinkSEAL

SinkSEAL is a pre-cured, closed-cell material with an attached self-stick adhesive tape. It will not dry out, crack, or absorb liquid. It is durable, flexible, and will expand and contract with changing seasons and temperatures. SinkSEAL’s size and shape were carefully designed and tested to optimize it’s sealing abilities while remaining universal for nearly every style top-mount kitchen sink with a raised mounting flange and a “U-Channel” or “I-channel” fastening system. It wraps around corners with ease and contours to textured or tiled countertops. Because it doesn’t bond or glue the sink to the surface of the counter like silicone, it makes sink and/or countertop replacement quick, easy, and efficient. There is no need for removing or scraping old, cured caulk or silicone prior to re-installing the new product, and unlike plumbers putty, it will not dry out and crack, which means no leaks for years to come! Because SinkSEAL does not “glue” the sink in place, it can only be used with sinks that fasten with hardware.

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