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Creators of emotions.

200 Des Fabricants Street
St-Anaclet, QC G0K 1H0

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About Miralis Inc

With its roots firmly anchored to the Lower St-Laurent region for 45 years, Miralis creates spaces for better living today, tomorrow and in 20 years. We are all about 100% bespoke kitchens and timeless décor, where families gather, foodies experiment and friends reinvent the world.

Miralis makes it mark with committment. A commitment to always go further in research and development, but also a pledge to its people to be among the most human-centred businesses of its time. Committed and responsible innovation is part of our DNA. Our engineers and designers work closely together to push the limits and always create more durable products and processes that are cutting edge. Our new manufacturing plants are going to be the most automated in both the industry and in North America.

Our go-to thinking : look to the future. We dream of ensuring sustainable, localized manufacturing and being recognized for making beautiful products, while doing the right thing. And part of how we safeguard our planet’s future is by creating the most durable products possible.

Products by Miralis Inc

By Miralis Inc


They are central to the design, efficiency and beauty of a space. There's no doubt: when time comes to build or renovate, you have to choose cabinets with the greatest of care. At the heart of every home, the kitchen. An assembly of furniture and frames with limitless possibilities, this space,... Read more »

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By Miralis Inc


Unique to Miralis, the Curio is a refined piece of furniture that does not go unnoticed. Perfect for displaying your treasures and infusing character into your living space, it’s a true centrepiece. The captivating feature of this unique piece of furniture comes from its composition of glass... Read more »

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By Miralis Inc


Good design is aesthetically pleasing, but above all, practical. A well-designed kitchen, equipped with useful, ergonomic accessories that are perfectly adapted for the space, is synonymous with a feeling of well-being and calm. To choose the right kitchen accessories and their organization,... Read more »

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