SIDLER International Ltd.

7626 Winston Street
Burnaby, BC V5A 2H4

About SIDLER International Ltd.


SIDLER® is Leidenschaft! SIDLER® is Passion!

Leidenschaft stands for ‘passion’ in Swiss German, which is abundant in the people who build SIDLER® products. Passion and quality is put into every SIDLER® mirrored cabinet built.

The SIDLER® mirrored cabinets’ luxury design is light, airy, atmospheric and high quality offering practical storage solutions; making it a consumer market leader in Switzerland and in North America.

SIDLER® has produced their high quality, innovative designed mirrored cabinets now since 1964. The illuminated, mirrored bathroom cabinets produced in Switzerland by SIDLER® International Ltd. offer first-class design and quality workmanship to ‘Swiss’ standards. Using the latest technologies alongside UL and CSA certification, SIDLER® illuminated mirrored bathroom cabinets set high standards during the production phase creating a finessed, high quality end product.

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