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About Noviland, Inc.

Noviland is a U.S.-based sourcing and purchasing platform with a network of over 3,000 pre-vetted factories in China. We help our users source directly from quality factories for just about any product they're looking for. It's as easy as submitting an RFQ on our platform and giving us a couple days to gather quotes from our network of factories.

We pride ourselves on having top-quality service and competitive pricing. Whether you're a wholesaler/distributor looking for white/private label products or a contractor looking for quality materials for your next project. Choose Noviland to take care of all of your sourcing and purchasing needs!

Start getting quotes today at our website and check out our tutorial videos to decide if you want to give us a try

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Products by Noviland, Inc.

By Noviland, Inc.

Our end-to-end service encapsulates every aspect of sourcing and purchasing from overseas factories. All we need from you is the specifications of the products you're looking for and we take care of everything from selecting the most suited factories, negotiating pricing with them, providing you... Read more »

By Noviland, Inc.

If you have a factory overseas you're considering going with, have Noviland go inspect the factory in person for you! We provide you with a detailed report with all information acquired during our visit and provide you with our 100% unbiased report. This includes, but isn't limited to: - All... Read more »