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  • Alpine Countertop Brackets

    Our Alpine design of elevated countertop supports brings countertops to a new level of majestic appeal. These brackets are designed for the elevated countertop application and are considered fine hardware to enhance the finest of kitchens. The Alpine brackets smooth contours and serpentine... Read More
  • Anteris Metal Support Leg

    Anteris - Latin for Pillar. Anteris - for strong metal support leg to hold up heavy stone and composite material countertops. Our Anteris Countertop Support Leg is designed to support a countertop extension or overhang from floor to counter height. Shorter heights are available for tables or... Read More
  • Anthem Hidden Corner Support

    The Anthem Corner Solution Bracket easily mounts in the corner of base cabinets supporting the extending span of an ā€œLā€ shaped counter and creating the ultimate floating counter appearance. The Anthem Countertop support can hold an astounding 375 pounds, allowing you to safely mount thick... Read More
  • Appalachian Mantel Bracket

    A chain of mountain ranges on the east coast the Appalachian mountains have multiple places for skiing and a plethora of mountain homes. Ski lodges and fireplaces everywhere would be proud to boast this mantel support in their lodges or mountain homes. A U-shaped bracket with minimal distraction... Read More
  • Atlas Floating Vanity Support

    The Atlas Floating Vanity Support is our inaugural product launch in the new Atlas Collection of heavy-duty braces. Like their namesake, these industrial strength supports can carry the weight of the world. One of the largest supports in our line, the Atlas Floating Vanity is designed for heavy... Read More
  • Biltmore Mantel Bracket

    The Biltmore Estate, located in the mountains of Asheville, is a majestic site with multiple spires in its roofline. The Biltmore Mantel Bracket imitates the majestic look in a U-bracket with divided sections that wrap your mantel with support. Maintaining and supporting 65 fireplaces in the... Read More
  • Breckenridge Mantel Bracket

    The Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado has 5 mountainous peaks, providing something for everyone. Following that lead, Federal Brace's Breckenridge Mantel Bracket provides a unique combination of all the other mantel supports to provide something for everyone. The Breckenridge is the elegant... Read More
  • Brunswick Countertop Bracket

    The Brunswick Countertop Bracket is a popular design. The decorative curved gusset on the bracket makes for a very attractive countertop support while giving good leg room under the counter where sitting is desired. The gusset extends through the flanges of the brace to allow for welding on the... Read More
  • Carrier Countertop Brace

    The Carrier support is a plate with a cross bar attached to provide additional support will still remaining virtually invisible. These braces require additional support from a knee wall or cabinet but can support more weight on the end of the counter than regular plate brackets can. Read More
  • Cascade Mantel Bracket

    Earthy, natural, flowing, woodsy, all conjure thoughts of trees and waterfalls and their scenic beauty. Federal Brace tried to capture that beauty in our Cascade Mantel Support Bracket. Reclaimed lumber or beams used as mantels provide a glimpse of this scenery when complemented by this mantel... Read More
  • Corbel Converter

    Federal Brace introduced you to the sleek euro-style supports that look fantastic under any countertop. Now, we welcome you to innovation central and the new Corbel Converter. The patented technology incorporated into the Corbel Converter gives the home owner, designer and contractor... Read More
  • Corbel Rib Support

    One of This Old House's Top 100 Best New Home Products for 2017! Corbel Ribs are designed to give your wood corbel strength and carry capacity. The corbel rib "L" bracket will mount into a stud where you desire the support, the corbel is then attached with countersunk holes on the top flange of... Read More
  • Countertop Bracket - Bronze Brunswick

    Our popular Brunswick bracket is now available in Bronze. The decorative curved gusset on the bracket makes for a very attractive countertop support while giving good leg room under the counter where sitting is desired. Read More
  • Eco-Lucent LED Lighting System

    The perfect lighting system to use anywhere in a commercial or residential space. The Eco-Lucent LED lighting system uses a color changing LED light strip making it eco-friendly and energy efficient when compared to standard fluorescent lights. The Eco-Lucent LED lighting system consists of an... Read More
  • Floating Shelf System

    Floating shelf systems include the mounting bracket which easily installs in any room or office creating the ultimate floating shelf appearance. Each floating shelf system holds an astounding 60 pounds, allowing you to safely display dishes, books, or media equipment. Multiple floating shelf... Read More
  • Foremont Counter Mounted Supports

    The Foremont is an elevated support mounted directly to the top of your counter. A rounded-diamond shaped foot plate mounts directly to the top of your counter holding the decorative, concave-style gusset in place so it can solidly support your floating surface application on the top plate. Read More
  • Foss Shower Bench Bracket

    Federal Brace's Foss Shower Bench Brackets easily mount to studs in any pre wall material shower bench installation. When attached to the studs inside the wall and tile is installed, brackets appear to float out of the wall for an exquisite shower bench. The Foss Shower Bench Bracket is designed... Read More
  • Franklin Hidden Support

    One of Professional Remodeler Top 100 Products of 2017. The Franklin Hidden Countertop Support Bracket is designed to mount on the side of the stud of your half wall (pre drywall). The floating support arm is flush with the top of your half wall to support overhangs between 14" to 18". The... Read More
  • Freedom Hidden Countertop Support

    The Freedom hidden countertop bracket easily mounts to the base cabinet creating the ultimate floating counter appearance. Each hidden countertop support can hold an astounding 375 pounds, allowing you to safely mount thick granite, quartz, marble, other natural stones and concrete countertops.... Read More
  • Hammam Lavatory Supports

    The Hammam Lavatory Support is designed to mount on the side of wooden wall studs with the support arm extending out and under a vanity or stone top. This support system comes in two sizes and finishes with an invisible or floating surface configuration. The 1/2" thick arm is placed 33" from the... Read More
  • Liberty Countertop Plate

    Our Liberty Countertop Supports provide the freedom of no gusset and the strength of steel to hold up your countertops. The Liberty brackets have countersunk holes used to fasten the plate to the top of your supporting structure. Read More
  • Lincoln Top Plate Hidden Countertop Support

    The hidden support is a very popular configuration for breakfast bars and serving counters mounted on knee (pony) walls. Designed specifically to be used on a half wall, the Lincoln Top Plate hidden support is 12ā€ long x 3.25ā€ wide. When placed side by side the length of your half wall, our... Read More
  • Maidan

    The Maidan Vanity Support is known for it architecturally decor pleasing appearance while having great holding strength. Whether chosen in the black steel or brushed stainless or custom painted to match a bathroom interior, the Maidan is a support that provides essential carrying strength with a... Read More
  • Nevada Mantel Bracket

    The Sierra Nevada Mountains on the west coast cut a striking image of beauty. Capture that same beauty when you use Federal Brace's Nevada Mantel brackets. Formed from a U-shaped bracket to support your beam or reclaimed timber, the Nevada has two holes on the face of the bracket for decorative... Read More
  • Perrine Counter Mounted Supports

    The Perrine features a teardrop foot plate that bolts directly to the top of your counter or surface. A stylish gusset extends from the foot plate into the top plate, which your elevated bar solution rests on. Together these aspects creates a durable support, capable of holding heavy stone or... Read More
  • Stainless Steel Cutting Boards

    Stainless steel cutting boards are durable, long-lasting and unique in that they are made from the most widely used materials in the food service industry. Stainless steel will also match your other kitchen appliances while on the counter not in use. Also, a perfect trivet for a hot pot to... Read More
  • Wood Corbel Systems

    Federal Brace has wood corbel systems available in many designs that are routed and pre-fit with our corbel mounting systems. This makes mounting your wood corbel easier and eliminates the risk of splitting the corbel or matching stain to cover the mounting hole. Eliminate risk and save time... Read More
  • Workstation Mount 3Support System

    Create a personal workstation at home or on a larger commercial scale using this support system. The system includes two workstation brackets that support a floating desk while managing all the cords that come along with computers and other technology items. A universal computer mount is... Read More
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