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About Federal Brace

  • At Federal Brace, we provide complete solutions to consumers’ needs. With the largest selection of designer support brackets specifically crafted for granite and other solid surface countertops, Federal Brace has become a standard in the industry for innovation. Our extensive lines of premium residential and commercial products incorporate strength and durability, addressing client’s needs throughout the home, living areas, or work space, while remaining versatile enough to service a multitude of design styles. Each product is carefully designed to enhance both residential and commercial environments, and we proudly design and craft everything exclusively in the United States.

    Safety is vital when considering products for any project. Standard supports sold on the market may look good, but generally lack significant support. Federal Brace’s extensive product engineering and testing ensures supports that are both strong and graceful, allowing each client’s project to have both ample support and a flawless design.

    While Federal Brace’s Designer Countertop Brace Lines made them an industry go-to, recent innovations in furniture and technology accessories, bathroom supports, shelving systems, and other household and commercial space products have kept them in the spotlight. Having appeared in numerous respected industry and trade publications, Federal Brace is now continuing to expand their expertise beyond the kitchen to include a catalog of products for the whole home, or commercial space.

    Federal Brace creates products with you in mind—whether as a designer, contractor, homeowner, or other industry professional. We keep stock in a multitude of product lines at our distribution centers on the east and west coast, but also offer custom design services that take concepts from inception, through production, to reality. Designers are able to better match their supports to a client’s selected décor, contractors can modify their designs to support larger, heavier projects, and homeowners are only limited by their own creativity and innovation. Our custom design services offer our clients a luxury, unique touch only available at Federal Brace, resulting in smooth, successful installations across the USA.
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Products by Federal Brace

  • Foremont Counter Mounted Supports

    The Foremont is an elevated support mounted directly to the top of your counter. A rounded-diamond shaped foot plate mounts directly to the top of your counter holding the decorative, concave-style gusset in place so it can solidly support your floating surface application on the top plate. Read more
  • Liberty Countertop Plate

    Our Liberty Countertop Supports provide the freedom of no gusset and the strength of steel to hold up your countertops. The Liberty brackets have countersunk holes used to fasten the plate to the top of your supporting structure. Read more
  • Floating Shelf System

    Floating shelf systems include the mounting bracket which easily installs in any room or office creating the ultimate floating shelf appearance. Each floating shelf system holds an astounding 60 pounds, allowing you to safely display dishes, books, or media equipment. Multiple floating shelf... Read more

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