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  • Hot Ideas for Home Improvement This Summer

    Federal Brace recently co-hosted #Remodelchat, a bi-weekly twitter chat for Remodelers, Architects, Engineers, & Construction Pros on the topic “Summer Home Improvement Trends & Ideas”. As Summer is the ideal time to assess & make upgrades to homes, this timely @Remodelchat twitter...
  • Living in Place

    October is National #LongTermCare Planning Month #LivingInPlace “The ability to live in one’s own space/community safely & comfortably requires attention to detail at the construction level.” #UniversalDesign #HomeAndPlace #InclusiveDesign
  • Popular Mantel Materials

    Function + Aesthetic Meet for Great Remodel Projects
  • Benefits of Incorporating LED Lighting into Your Projects

    LED lighting continues to dominate lighting trends, and is being incorporated into many products not previously thought of as a lighting product. With so many positive qualities, LED is one of the better trends on the market, providing benefits for consumers as well as the planet.
  • Top 10 Steps for Remodel Preparation

    What can you as a homeowner do to prepare for a remodel? We've outlined the top 10 steps homeowners should take before breaking ground on their next remodel.
  • Colors of 2018 - Back to Black

    2018 has seen a distinct, and at times, surprising array of color forecasts. Everything from soft and bubbly millennial pink to Pantone’s moody Ultra Violet has received its due from designers, homeowners, and trendsetters alike. Behind these bold picks, though, lies one shade that may not seem...
  • Smart Technology Trends in 2018 and Beyond

    Smart technology is quickly infiltrating most areas of the home, but none more rapidly than the kitchen. The previously niche industry of smart residential technology has blossomed into a nearly 20 billion-dollar industry and is expected to hit 50 billion in the next five years. By 2025, many...
  • Maximize Your Minimal Living with Federal Brace Tips and Closet Supports

    Minimal living has become a trend in recent years, with books such as Mari Kondo’s "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," but rather than a die-hard method, we’ll provide a few key ideas that can guide you in your journey towards minimalistic living and an organized home.
  • 2018 Color Forecast—Pantone UltraViolet 18-3838

    PANTONE shocked the design world in December of 2017 when it declared a bold shade of purple the color of 2018. Why? Well, every other color forecast had been completely different. Pinterest had pinned down a calming shade of sage as the new color for every gender-neutral nursery room in...
  • Considerations for Bench Installations

    Benches are a public space for contemplation and private refuge for relaxation. Whether in an open, community area or a spa-like shower at home, benches create a sense of comfort and safety. However, in order to create this atmosphere, one must first have the proper tools and knowledge to form a...
  • Kitchen and Bath Industry Purchasing Trends in 2017

    Federal Brace recently tuned in for a webinar hosted by Sola Group, publisher of Kitchen and Bath Design News, Residential Design and Qualified Remodeler, in conjunction with Houzz, to discuss the overwhelming trends of 2017 within the kitchen and bath industry.