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  • Bridge Faucets

    This faucet boasts bold, sleek design with its cylindrical styling. While bridge faucets typically have a traditional appeal, this particular design is a more modern interpretation. Allow the brushed nickel finish to pop against your surrounding kitchen decor due to the added architectural... Read More
  • Dual Tone Pre-Rinse Faucets

    Designed for optimum versatility and functionality, the multiple spray settings and extendable spout of our pre-rinse faucets make for an enjoyable cleaning experience. The rotating swivel spout leaves no area of the sink untouched as the professional look of the exposed spring provides... Read More
  • Matte Black Finish

    There are a few reasons why the matte black finish seems to be gaining popularity. It adds a focal point to your kitchen or bathroom. We have become so accustomed to seeing a shiny metal finish that they almost become invisible. Due to its natural dark qualities, it serves to either harden or... Read More
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  • How to Troubleshoot a Kitchen Faucet By

    The kitchen faucet is the most frequently used faucet in the home. For this same reason, it's also the faucet that will give homeowners the most problems. With this in mind, we will address some of the most common leaky kitchen faucet issues that naturally come with its use. The most common... Read more
  • Everything You Need To Know About Air Gap Faucets By

    As the 21st century progresses, we are increasingly finding ourselves in a world inundated by innovative tools of high-quality efficiency that make our lives easier. Read more
  • How to Fix a Leaky Toilet By

    Here is a simple to follow guide on how to fix a leaky toilet in under 6 steps Read more
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